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Interior photography – Coffee Shop and Roastery on Well St. London E9

Interior photography – Coffee Shop and Roastery on Well St. London E9

I was invited by Greg, the owner of ‘the Grand Howl’ Roastery in Hackney, to take interior photos of his shop for London Coffee Guide.

It’s located on the corner of Well St and Pool Rd, right where the good, old Greggs used to be… I couldn’t resist and did ask Greg weather he was tempted to keep the old name in the name…. I like the new name much better Greg!

I spotted him as I arrived on my bicycle and just managed to get the camera out of the bag to capture the boss, doing boss stuff – simple tasks, like taking out the trash :0 Nice one!

‘the boss, doing boss stuff’


Greg’s gotta smile for all his guests – Portraits at work


Happy waitress – Portrait and Interior photography


The shop is spacious and inviting. Big windows let a lot of good light in. You can also find a darker corner, at the back of the room, in case of a Thursday morning hangover, headache… or else


Always busy but friendly atmosphere


Steamy exit if you will – Interior Photography


First thing you will notice as you open the steamy door (if Greg doesn’t rearrange yet again), is a piece of wall art. Quite grand, three headed wolf, called the Werepicker, by A.J. Fosik.


Wall Art by A. J. Fosik – Interior photography


It’s clear to see, Greg is a keen collector. Place is tastefully decorated with interesting art from all over the globe.

Greg’s passions and inspirations create a unique atmosphere – Interior photography


Tiny devil in this tiny detail – Interior photography


Organically grown locals also enjoy the premises – Interior photography


Apart from excellent coffee, a fantastic range of vegan food is on offer. Breakfast, lunch, brunch, whatever you try here (unless it’s the already world famous Tofu Burrito, in which case you stand no chance), make sure that at the end you have space for a little treat: raw chocolate avocado brownie – they are to die for!

Delicious and healthy treats at the Grand Howl – Interior photography


‘You just want to bury your face in the plate of food in front of you!’ – it’s what she wanted to say….


Delicious photoshoot at the Grand Howl was like a piece of vegan, raw and abnormally healthy….cake! after all 🙂

I’ll be back soon for some in-depth food photoshoot and more.

Stay focused





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